Maryland Uniform Consultation Referral Form Date of Referral: Patient Information: Name: (Last, First, MI) Address: Date of Birth: (MM/DD/YY) Member #: Site #: Phone: ( ) Carrier Information: Name:
maryland uniform referral form

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Laws calm legal forms guide petition for appointment of guardian form 1 the petitioner needs to file this form in the county where the minor currently resides if the minor lives out of state they must have real property or other assets in the county step 1 below the heading list the petitioners full legal name and the name age and date of birth for each miner then in part 1 check the box that applies step 2 in part to check whether the petitioner is requesting that a guardian be elected for the person or the estate of the minor step 3 in part 3 provide the name and last known address of the father and mother if they are deceased check the box and provide a copy of the death certificate step 4 if the proposed guardian is not the father or mother of the minor check the third box in part 4 and provide their name address date of birth and any relationship to the minor if the petitioner is asking that a corporation or trust company be elected as guardian of the minors estate check the appropriate box and provide the name and address of the corporation or trust company step 5 part 5 simply states that the proposed guardian is competent and fit to be the guardian of the person and/or the estate and the guardianship is in the minors best interests step 6 in part 6 the petitioner needs to list the value of individual pieces of property in the minors name include real and personal property if more room is needed right see attached and provide an additional sheet of tallied items step 7 in part 7 check the first box if the petitioner believes a curator is needed until the guardian is appointed if the petitioner wants to state any more testimony provide the information in part 8 step 8 the petitioner needs to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws dot-com